The House of Murky Depths

Vampire Gene - Futile Flame

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A dark and powerful creature threatens Gabriele and Lilly’s immortal existence and so Gabriele is forced to turn to Lucrezia, his maker. She reveals to him the horrors of her teenage years in the sixteenth century in the house of the Borgias, and the possessive obsession of her brother, Caesare. Her transformation into a vampire gives her freedom, but leads her on a journey of discovery which shapes the events of the past, the present and the future.

Does Lucrezia’s strange past have something to do with Gabriele and Lilly’s problems in the present? What is the mysterious entity which seems to be stalking the vampires?

Finding the answers is crucial to their survival.


Vampires will never be the same again ...

Killing Kiss

Futile Flame

Demon Dance

Hateful Heart

Silent Sand