The House of Murky Depths

Vampire Gene - Killing Kiss

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He's looking for a girl; not just any girl, and dark-haired, brown-eyed Carolyn is the one.

But does Gabriele Caccini, a student at Manchester University, really know what he wants? When a beautiful curvacious blonde comes into his life he starts to question his motives and emotions; even a seventeenth-century vampire can do that

Alone in the modern world, limiting his feeds to one a year to avoid detection, Gabriele reflects on the origins of his immortality and questions why it is he who should have the vampire gene, when over four hundred woman have not survived his killing kiss ...

But at a house party, a fellow student spikes Gabriele's drink with drugs and his self-indulgent musings are suddenly turned upside down ...


Vampires will never be the same again ...

Killing Kiss

Futile Flame

Demon Dance

Hateful Heart

Silent Sand